23 May 2023 System news

What do these things have in common? They’re all new or improved features in Brainville! Match consultantsIt’s now much easier to match one of your consultants to available assignments. You’ll find this feature below the shortcuts on the page “Assignments”. To match profiles to assignments in a reasonable way your consultants need to have at […]

06 April 2023 System news

Have you noticed that skills and roles on assignments look a bit different from before? That’s because we made them a bit more useful. Yes, they are just simple tags, but did you know that clicking on the name of the role or skill leads to a search for the specific tag? And did you […]

05 April 2023 Statistics

The negative trends from the second half of last year continued in the first quarter of 2023. Read more about it in our latest report on the market (previously known as Konsultrapporten). We’ve also updated Brainville Statistics, the website where you can find much more data. At the time of writing this article we’re indexing […]

04 April 2023 Statistics System news

Are you curious about the market for freelancers and consultants in the Nordics? Then you’re in luck! We’ve just added a market overview to Brainville Statistics. The first thing you might notice when you visit Brainville Statistics today, at least if you’re Swedish, is that the entire website is now available in that language. A […]

14 March 2023 System news

We’ve introduced two features to help you clear up the assignment feed in Brainville. Hide assignmentsAre there assignments that pop up in your list that you’re clearly not interested in? And have you already perfected your search alerts? Then you might want to use this new feature: Hide assignment. In the assignment feed you will […]

13 March 2023 System news

Brainville just became a bit easier to use. In our strife to simplify the platform we’ve made some changes that we hope you’ll like. The headline refers to a saying that a friend of ours used quite frequently back when we worked together. And it stuck. Our interpretation is that ideas and solutions are usually […]

02 March 2023 System news

We’ve had issues with our issue-tracking system. A number of tickets have been automatically spam classed or deleted without being spam. We have resolved the issue and really apologise for the inconvenience. We’ve also managed to restore some of the tickets. Please do contact us again if you think your ticket has been lost. With […]

22 February 2023 News

In Konsultrapporten we used to monitor and report on around 40 skills that were highly demanded. Since the introduction of Brainville Statistics, this number has increased manyfold – to more than 1.400. Thank you for contributing. Brainville Statistics is a combination of a wiki and our statistics. Your expertise has helped us add and tie skills and roles together […]

21 February 2023 System news

If you want to be found on LinkedIn too, life just became a little bit easier. We’ve added a feature enabling you to share an assignment or a consultant/freelancer profile as a cleanly designed image. When sharing an assignment or a profile, you can now add your own background and compose a shareable image containing […]

24 January 2023 System news

Do you have products or services that match our users’ needs? Then you might want to try our new platform for advertisements. We often receive requests regarding the possibility to reach you and all other users in Brainville. That’s why we’re introducing a simple platform for this very purpose. But remember, we cherish your time […]

23 January 2023 Statistics

Top-10 largest buyers of freelancing and consulting services in the Nordics 2022, measured in the number of posted assignments in Brainville: Ework emagine Shaya Solutions Upgraded People AFRY KeyMan Sverek Enmanskonsulterna Tingent Danir Group (Sigma, Nexer etc) Just outside of the top-10 are companies such as Kantur & Associates, Accuro ApS, Finitec Oy, Chas Visual […]

18 January 2023 Statistics

Den gyllene regeln är minst lika giltig i frilans- och konsultbranschen som i övriga livet. Ett företag som vet det är GISYS som ser till att alla ansökande får svar. Därmed är de också vinnare av “Bäst svarsfrekvens 2022”. Mycket imponerande! “Det är en självklarhet för oss på GISYS att återkoppla till våra kunder samt konsulter.Att ta vara […]

16 January 2023 Statistics

Brainville Statistics, formerly known as “Konsultrapporten”, has a brand new batch of statistics for the 2nd half of 2022! Download the PDF (direct link). If you want to dive deeper into our statistics, for instance to see current hourly rates for different roles, we suggest you visit our website for this very purpose.

13 January 2023 Statistics

Att vara informativ och träffsäker i sina uppdragsannonser gynnar alla parter av en affär. Den som annonserar får matchande ansökningar eftersom tydligheten hjälper den som söker uppdrag att avgöra om hen ska ansöka eller ej. Win-win. Bäst annonskvalitet i Brainville 2022 hade Castalia! 🎉 ”År efter år blir våra informationssystem allt bättre och mer information […]

11 January 2023 Press release Statistics

A clear downturn in the market with more available consultants and freelancers bidding for fewer assignments. All the signs pointed in the same direction on Brainville Statistics in the second half of 2022. Brainville is the largest independent marketplace for freelancers and consultants in the Nordics. As an extension of Brainville.com we have added Brainville […]

23 December 2022 News

Merry Christmas, glædelig jul, gleðileg jól, hyvää joulua, god jul, frohe weihnachten, feliz navidad, joyeux noêl. Whatever conviction you have, whatever religion, wherever you are, whatever language you speak, we wish you all a happy Yuletide and a clear sky!

14 December 2022 Statistics

Are more interested interested in your role and your main skill rather than the entire market? We’ve made Brainville Statistics even easier to use for you, as a freelancer or a consultancy. And it’s our most current stats with a breakpoint in the previous month. To use it you have to login. “My dashboard”, i.e. […]

12 December 2022 Statistics

Ever wondered which programming language is the most popular overall or perhaps right now? Are you curious about which competence within the plethora of SAP modules is the most sought after? Or perhaps you would like to know more about patient journal systems or financial systems? This is your chance! Our mission hopefully coincides with […]

08 December 2022 Statistics

“IT & Telecom” +1.4 %, “Management & Strategy” +1.3 % and “Technology and engineering” -2.2 %. That’s the stats for November 2022 compared to October 2022. “Competence areas” is a new addition to Brainville Statistics, but they’re like an old friend for all of you have read Konsultrapporten. The main difference being the possibility to drill down and see a lot more data, such […]

05 December 2022 Statistics

Christmas has come early for all of you who love statistics. We’ve updated Brainville Statistics with a couple of new features: competence areas, categories (for both skills and roles) and your own personal stats dashboard. The first thing you might notice when you go to Brainville Statistics today is a brand new personal dashboard filled […]

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