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Download the last issue of Konsultrapporten. The last?!? Yes, as you probably have noticed by now we’re replacing it with something much better – Brainville Statistics!

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Konsultrapporten is dead, long live Brainville Statistics!

Well, almost dead. Konsultrapporten will no longer be our complete report on the market, but it will remain as a brief market overview. Instead, we introduce Brainville Statistics – a new part of!

According to our survey almost all our readers want to dive deeper into our data. This is your chance! With Brainville Statistics, our visitors and users are able to both drill down and contribute. For instance, search for your role(s) and suggest which digital skills and methods are crucial. By doing that you enable us to create the statistics you're interested in.

We will also keep writing our own articles about the freelance and consulting industry and publish interesting articles from our partners and contributors right here.

Welcome to Konsultrapporten 2.0 - Brainville Statistics!

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