Everybody loves working from "home"!

And that's why we've created a number of APIs - to optimize the time you spend doing your daily chores. Keep working in your company's favourite system, while reaping the benefits from using Brainville.

Publish assignments

Use your own system/platform to publish your assignments to the largest marketplace for freelancers and consultants in the Nordics. It's free of charge!

Receive applications

When interested freelancers and consultants apply to your assignments, you can receive the applications in your own system/platform. Applicants are informed that their personal information will be stored by your company and in Brainville.

Share consultant profiles - optimize your occupancy rate

Upload your consultants' profiles and, if they're available for new assignments, share them in our marketplace using our API, enabling thousands of companies to contact you. On top of that you can use them to apply to assignments when logged in. All this is free of charge too!

Your assignments on your website

Easily display a list of your company's assignments on your own web page. By doing that you make sure that you will get all applications in Brainville, making your job easier.

Get started!

Do you want to get started or do you need more information? Read more about our API and get in touch - all the information you need is right here!