Konsultrapporten first quarter 2022 is out now!
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Reach more without effort. Publish your assignments via our API.

Reach the largest network of freelancers and consultants in the Nordics via your own system. Can it get any better?

Reach many more

Your assignment will be published on our marketplace viewed by thousands of freelancers and agencies - the largest network of freelancers and consultants in the Nordics.


Interested freelancers and consultants send applications that you can receive via our API (if the applicant accepts it) and email, but they're of course also are available in Brainville - with some extra information and functionality!

Your assignments on your website

Easily display a list of your company's assignments on your own web page. By doing that you make sure that you will get all applications in Brainville, making your job easier.


By using profiles in Brainville, instead of resume files, both sides of the deal avoid some of the headache that GDPR otherwise can give you. Job posters gain access to profiles who apply or are shared in the marketplace, but only as long as the person who shared it allows it. It's as simple as that!

Get started!

Do you want to get started or do you need more information? Read more about our API and get in touch - all the information you need is right here!