Large or small consultancy Our goal is to help you reach 100 % occupancy

The hardest part about running a consulting firm is usually to make sure that all your consultants have assignments. In Brainville you'll find thousands. On top of that we will give you tools that make life easier: resource occupancy planning, partner network and competence management in the form of professional profiles.

Find assignments

Thousands of assignments for freelancers and consulants are published in Brainville every month. With that many possibilities you can choose the one that's right for you.

Who knows what at your company?

Manage your consultants' professional profiles in Brainville to keep track of who knows what at your company. In addition you can match profiles to available assignments and share profiles to make it easier for customers to find your talented employees. Read more!

Let the customer come to you

Do you want to attract new customers and get their assigments? Market yourself by sharing your professional profile. By doing that you become searchable and thousands of companies see that you're available for a new assignment.

Resource planning

Optimize your occupancy rate and your revenue by gaining total control over your consultants' assigments, absence and applications!

Partner network

Do you usually work with your preferred suppliers? Perhaps you even use frame agreements? No problem, you can do that in Brainville too using our distribution lists to send assignment information to your partner network. On top of that, you can save your favorite freelancer and consultant profiles, making them always accessible. Read more!

Find freelancers and consultants

If you know what competence you're looking, simply search for freelancers and consultants who are available right now. Then contact them directly - Brainville is not a middleman.

And if you don't know, post an assignment and use our AI matching service!

Need to hire someone?

Brainville is a platform for experts in the Nordics in a number of industries - it's not just about freelancers and consultants. A lot of our users are open to more permanent positions. Read more about recruitment here!

Nyfiken på hur annonsering går till?

Du kan nå ut på Nordens största marknadsplats för frilansare och konsulter på många sätt. Posta uppdrag helt gratis själv eller låt oss göra jobbet. Vill du slippa dubbelarbete? Använd våra API:er – då kan du både publicera uppdrag och få in ansökningarna i ditt eget system.


By using profiles in Brainville, instead of resume files, both sides of the deal avoid some of the headache that GDPR otherwise can give you. Job posters gain access to profiles who apply or are shared in the marketplace, but only as long as the person who shared it allows it. It's as simple as that!