Are freelancers and consultants your target group? Advertise in Brainville

You can reach more than 20.000 companies in the Nordics. The company sizes range from freelancers to large consultancies.

Target group and industry

If freelancers and consultants are your target group, you've come to the right place. The largest industries in Brainville are IT, technology and management, but there are plenty of experts here who belong to industries such as finance, HR, marketing, administration, to name a few.

Pinpoint your selection

Target your advertising by specifying parameters such as country and company size. Match against profiles of freelancers, consultants and consulties. What skills and roles are you interested in?

Get started quickly

Creating an ad is easy. All you need is an image and a link, as well as an idea of who you want to reach. If you've got this it'll take you less than 1 minute.

We value our users

And by that we mean we don't want them to see just any advertisements. We want you to give them meaningful and useful offers aimed at their niche.


We charge 0.1 EUR / view, but a minimum of 10 EUR per day. And yes, of course you can set a maxiumum daily budget.