Frequently asked questions

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Is Brainville a freelance/consultant broker?

No, Brainville is only a marketplace where freelancers/consultants and those who need them can get in contact. Brainville never takes part of the deal between the two of you.
Yes, absolutely. Brainville has a, so called, Freemium-Premium model, much like LinkedIn. You can use most of our functionality totally free of charge. If you want to access even more you can buy a Premium membership.

Can I really use Brainville free of charge?

Can I post assignments free of charge?

Yes. You can always use Brainville to post assignments and reach all companies who use us - free of charge. Your assignments will immediately be made available to our Premium Sales members and then to the rest of the marketplace. If you want your assignments to be made available to all our users at once there's an option for that too, for a slight fee.
Yes, you can work with selected suppliers using Premium Buyer. This license enables you to post assignments to a limited group of suppliers. You can add rules, such as wich suppliers may apply to which roles and at what levels and rates (frame agreement rules basically).

I only work with selected suppliers. Can I use Brainville?

Can I promote my company/consultant profile in Brainville?

Yes, you can easily setup both your own professional profile and your company profile in Brainville. By doing that your company profile can be found by all the other companies who use our platform. Your own professional profile is only available to other users when you set yourself as available for new assignments. And yes, it's free of charge.

Do you want to know more?

Read our FAQ for job posters - it contains more details and tips on how to get more people to find and apply to your assignment.