Reach much further Increase your chances of finding the right freelancer

In Brainville there are more than 20 000 consultancies and freelancers. More than 40 000 assignments are published here annually. Do you want the same reach?

Post assignments - free of charge

Are you looking for a freelancer or a consultant for an assignment? Let him or her find you - post the assignment here and reach more than 20.000 freelancers and consultancies in the Nordics. You can even post an assignment without logging in.

How can I post my assignments in Brainville?

Publish manually

You log in Brainville and post your assignment yourself.

Brainville as administrative support

You manually point to a URL that Brainville will monitor and import assignments from.
995 kr / 30 dagar / 100 uppdrag

Import from external data source

We import your assignments from a data source, e.g. RSS / XML om you use recruitment tools as Teamtailor or Workbuster.
995 SEK / 30 days

API for publishing of assignments

By integrating with us you can publish assignments from your own system.

How does it work after I publish my assignment?

Assignments reach our marketplace, with more than 20,000 consulting companies and freelancers varying rapidly. You reach all our paying members directly. After 72 hours, you reach the entire market for free. If you have Premium Buyer, it only takes 48 hours. If you are in a hurry, you can buy the additional service "Reach", then you reach the entire market immediately.

Free account

If you have a free account in Brainville, you can publish your assignments directly. They first reach our Premium customers directly and then after 72 hours they will reach all the consultants.
Delay: 72 hours / assignment

Premium Buyer

If you have a license for Premium Buyer we will set the delay on all of your assignments down to 48 hours.
Delay: 48 hours / assignment

The additional service "Reach"

Get rid of the time delay completely through the additional service "Reach". It costs SEK 295 / assignment and is available to you who publish manually or via API.
Delay: 0 hrs / assignment

No time delay

If you select the additional service "Reach" for all assignments you will get a volume discount. For each assignment you publish for a month you get additional 1% discount, however maximum 60%.
Delay: 0 hrs / all assignments

Can I get applications into my own system?

Yes you can! You just need to implement our API for applications and you will get them exactly where you want them. Because we protect personal data, the applicant needs to accept that his/her data is stored in your system.

What happens if I want to select a consultant for the assignment?

It's up to you, because Brainville never gets involved. In other words, you get direct contact and can settle with the freelancer / consultant yourself.

Do you want to know more?

Then you should read our FAQ for job posters. In it, we tell you more about how it works and give tips on how to get more people to look at your assignments and how to get more people to apply.