Buyers of consulting services

Regardless of whether you're looking for a single consultant or working with preferred suppliers, you can use Brainville. Manage your partner network, post assignments to partners or the entire marketplace and search for new suppliers and available consultants - you can do this free of charge!

How it works

1. Post gigs for free

Anyone using Brainville can post gigs free of charge. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a contractor or a subcontractor.

2. Applications

Freelancers and contractors search the marketplace for suitable gigs and apply.

3. Seal the deal

The job poster contacts a selected applicant directly and signs the deal. Brainville is NOT a middleman. Done!

Post assignments - free of charge

Are you looking for a freelancer or a consultant for an assignment? Let him or her find you - post the assignment here and reach more than 16.000 freelancers and consultancies in the Nordics. You can even post an assignment without logging in.

Find freelancers and consultants

If you know what competence you're looking, simply search for freelancers and consultants who are available right now. Then contact them directly - Brainville is not a middleman.

Find consultancies

Are you looking for a company you can partner up with for the long term? Search in the largest freelancer and consultancy database in the Nordics and contact your favorites.

Partner network

Do you usually work with your preferred suppliers? Perhaps you even use frame agreements? No problem, you can do that in Brainville too using our distribution lists to send assignment information to your partner network. On top of that, you can save your favorite freelancer and consultant profiles, making them always accessible. Read more.

Brainville in 90 seconds

It should be easy to find your dream gig. Check out this clip (in Swedish) to see how Brainville can help you make life easier as a contractor.
brainville explained

3 benefits with Brainville


Brainville never takes part of the deal between buyer and supplier.

Huge reach, for free

Post gigs for free and reach the best contractors at over 15 000 companies.

Lots of gigs

25 000 gigs/year in the Nordics. That's a lot! :)

Some of our job posters