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Who knows what?

Tagline, description, experiences, educations, skills, roles, strenghts, personality tests, personality, preferences... a professional profile can be quite massive and at the same time marketable. You can't keep all this in your head. Put it in in Brainville instead and you'll be able to...

Find matching assignments

Brainville is the largest marketplace for freelance and consulting assignments in the Nordics - 40.000 assignments annually. To be able to find the assignments you're interested in you match them with your professional profile. Then you apply... using your professional profile.

Let the customers find you

If you have consultants with no planned assignments, simply share their professional profiles in Brainville. It's free of charge and enables customers to find you!

Gain control

As a consultant manager using Brainville's professional profiles you gain control over your work, can see how it's proceeding and get valuable tips about what to do next - all this is in your sales report.

Send to customer

Do you want to send applications to customers outside of Brainville? Simply save the selected professional profile as a neat PDF.