Partner network

Do you want to keep track of your preferred partners and control who gets access to your freelance and consulting assignments? Build your partner network in Brainville!


Do you want to be able to send information about your assignments to preferred suppliers? No problem. There are several easy ways to do that in Brainville.

Distribution lists

Do you prefer using mail and partner lists when you distribute assignments? That's our classic distribution list. You can create as many as you want in Brainville free of charge.

Frame agreements

Are some of your suppliers only allowed to apply for specific roles? Perhaps even at specific levels and at set rates? Use a frame agreement rate matrix to get total control of the distribution. That's free of charge too.

Save freelancer/consultant

Have you found freelancers and consultants that are so good that you just must keep track of them? Save their professional profiles and you'll be able to find them at any time.

No go?

Can't find a freelancer or consultant in your own partner network? No problem, just publish your assignment to our marketplace. There are thousands of new potential partners here.


You can use all types of distribution lists and add 50 partners free of charge. Most companies don't need more than that, but if you do just contact us!