14 October 2021 Contractor report

These are the current rates for DevOps consultants in Brainville based on data from the first half 2021. Are you interested in rates for other roles? Check out the latest issue of Konsultrapporten!

13 October 2021 Contractor report

There are lots of up-and-coming JavaScript frameworks out there, but the big ones still dominate the market with React in the top position, followed by Angular and Node.js. Since the demand for developers in general is experiencing a surge most frameworks follow this trend. Vue has increased a bit more and when we look at […]

12 October 2021 Contractor report

This map shows the supply of assignments as a heat map, and the regional preferences of freelancers and consultants in Denmark in Brainville, i.e. where they want to work. No real surprises here – most freelancers and consultants want to work in Hovedstaden. What’s interesting though, is that the number of assignments in general increased […]

11 October 2021 Contractor report

There’s a high demand for skills in dabases and related tech in Brainville. Trending tech, such as Neo4j (a graph database management system), hasn’t managed to reach the top – yet. Read more in Konsultrapporten!

08 October 2021 Contractor report

Are you working as an app developer? Then most likely your very familiar with these cross-platform frameworks. They were the most sought after in Brainville the first half of 2021. Read more in Konsultrapporten:

07 October 2021 Blog post

Sure, we’ve learned a lot about our users by compiling statistics for Konsultrapporten, but we prefer reality to statistics. Send us a message on Instagram (or follow us) and we’ll follow you and your company!

06 October 2021 Contractor report

Java developer is one of the most common roles in Brainville. Check out the current rates in Sweden in the graph! And yes, the rate buyers are willing to pay is actually higher than the supplier rate and it has been like that for a while. Any theories as to why? 🙃 Comment on LinkedIn

05 October 2021 Contractor report

The first half of 2021 has meant a sharp increase in assignments throughout the Nordic region. In Sweden, the increase was more than 40 %. In Denmark it was close to 30 % and in Norway around 12 %. Read more in Konsultrapporten!

04 October 2021 Contractor report

Most assignments for developers don’t specify stack level, but when they do it’s most commonly backend when it comes to Java. The graph is based on data from the first half of 2021 in the Nordics in Brainville. Read more in Konsultrapporten.

01 October 2021 Contractor report

Then we need your expertise! There are lots of assignments for engineers in Brainville. Still the group “Engineer (unspecified) is quite large (see image). Help us identify more engineers – give us tips on roles and skills we should look for! And, of course, feel free to send us info about the skills required for […]

30 September 2021 Contractor report

UX designer is by far the most common UX role in Brainville. No wonder, this is the UX “generalist” and 85 % of all UX assignments in Brainville are asking for just for that. And on top of that, 14 % of all assignments tagged with either a UX- or UI-designer actually expect you to […]

29 September 2021 Contractor report

The demand for developers with content management system skills increased in the Nordics in Brainville the first half of 2021. Topping the list, being larger than all the rest together actually, is Optimizely (formerly Episerver). The graph is based on assignment texts in Brainville tagged with a cms. The total number of assignments published in […]

24 September 2021 Contractor report

If a UX unicorn is a UX designer with UI and frontend skills, what kind of mythological suffix would suit a fullstack/UI/UX? Yeah, we’ve seen assignments for them… 😀 Read more about the demand for UX roles in the Nordics in Brainville in Konsultrapporten.

23 September 2021 Contractor report

The rate difference between buyers and sellers of our most common roles in Brainville continues to decrease. In fact, it has decreased by 71 % since H1 2019. We hope that we’re part of the explanation as to why this decrease is happening. Konsultrapporten aims to bring transparency (yeah, a cliché we know) to the […]

22 September 2021 Contractor report

Has jQuery become something that everyone should know – or is it dying? In the image you can see the web frameworks that are most in demand in Brainville. To our surprise React didn’t top the list – ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core did, and by quite a wide margin. Is jQuery considered a core skill that you […]

21 September 2021 Contractor report

The demand for people with knowledge in the programming language Python is growing pretty fast in the Nordics – check out this infographic based on data from Brainville. Have you checked out the full version of Konsultrapporten? We’ve added infographics about common roles in Brainville. Login to get your copy!

20 September 2021 Contractor report

The demand for cloud tech in the Nordics in Brainville in the first half of 2021 and the global market shares according to Stack Overflow’s 2021 developer survey have some considerable discrepancies. As you can see in the image, Azure is the most tagged tech in assignment texts in Brainville, followed by AWS. Want to […]

10 September 2021 Contractor report

Which programming language du you prefer and why? In the image, and in the latest issue of Konsultrapporten, you can read about the most sought after programming languages in Brainville. According to Stack Overflow, the most loved language of all is Rust. It barely made the list here. Which do you prefer or like or even […]

07 September 2021 Contractor report

🏆 Top-10 “Best job posting quality in the Nordics H1 2021”: A Society Biolit Randstad Sweden Accuro ApS 4Real AB Tingent Nikita AB Techfactory Wise IT House of Skills Sverige Making sure that the assignments you publish are informative also makes it easier for matching freelancers and consultants to find them. That makes it win-win, […]

06 September 2021 Contractor report

🏆 Top-10 “Largest consultant providers in the Nordics H1 2021”: Ework Group AFRY ProData Consult SHAYA SOLUTIONS AB Upgraded People AB Enmanskonsulterna Sverek Bemanning Centric Finitec Oy Nexer Group This list is based on the almost 20.000 assignments that were published Brainville in 2021. Want to know more about the market? Check out the new […]

01 September 2021 Contractor report Press release

Minskade restriktioner, vaccinframgångar och välfungerade distansarbete bidrar till nytt framtidshopp bland konsultmarknadens aktörer. Efter en svajig inledning på konsultåret syns nu en kraftigt ökad efterfrågan på konsulter – antalet uppdrag ökade med 40 procent under det första halvåret 2021. Det är säljarnas marknad, både i Sverige och övriga Norden.  Konsultmarknadsplatsen Brainville har för åttonde gången […]

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