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Sigma Society
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In order to expand our services to the market, Sigma has built a network of certified sub-consultants. It’s called Sigma Society.

If you’re a small business owner this network increases your possibilities of obtaining assignments for the industry’s leading companies. As a subcontractor for Sigma you can to partake in assignments for our general agreement customers, and at the same time develop your competence together with colleagues in our organization.
Take part of the advantages
Working through the Sigma Society gives you several advantages:
  • Access to Sigma’s general agreement customers
  • Longer assignment perspective
  • Sales assistance
  • Better coverage – increased number of possible assignments
  • Improved competence development
  • Improvement in the quality of your own consultancy services
  • Better and more stimulating work
Namn Sigma Society
VatID SE556975498801
Land Sweden
Anställda 1001 - 10000
Telefon +46 771550500