2 - 10 employees
DEVELOPERS RECRUITING DEVELOPERS We source from Scandinavia, Baltics, Ukraine, Belarus, Indonesia, Azerbadjan, Russia and handle all the the relocation and immigration. All our consultants are deeply tested in technical skills.
Devv is Developers Recruiting Developers, set out to completely change the way coders are hired. Devv are specialist IT recruiters with heavy technical background. By integrating with our clients all over Europe/US we find the best developers globally, handling everything from search & interviews to relocation & immigration – using smart innovative methods.

We do not rely on getting applications, we thoroughly search through our networks, online communities and conferences world wide to make sure we find the very best.

For the hardest-to-find profiles, we relocated god-like candidates from all over the world to make sure you get the absolut best of the best. Our in-house team customize relocation packages.

All of our recruiters have a background in development. That means we speak technology with our candidates. It also means we can do deep technical evaluation before presenting candidates.

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