Swedish Broadband and telecom AB

5 - 10 employees
Managed IT Services You Can Trust
When it comes to next generation IT solutions using fiber optic technologies or full scale data center and network migrations, Swedish Telecom is the technology company you can trust.
IT Consulting
Our team of consultants is trusted by companies worldwide for their expertise in broadband solutions, particularly in FTTH and data collocations
Data Center Relocation
We help you with a successful data center relocation by creating a detailed project plan, communicating requirements and having the right resources in place.
Optical Networks
SwedishTelecom designs develop and support telecom service providers, independent operating companies, enterprises, and government agencies by providing end to end network access solutions.



Available consultants

We have 3 available consultantswith roles such as IT Network Upgrades and Nätverksarkitekt


Stockholms län
Hong Kong
Skåne län

Competence areas

IT & Telecom
Management & Strategy

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