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11 - 20 employees

Focus lies within servicing the Scandinavian Market with reliable and cost effective IT Project/ Staffing solutions.

Miracle is a freelance house for IT consultants. At Miracle, we are highly specialized in the delivery of IT freelance consultants for short or for long contracts.

At Miracle, we do not believe in miracles - we make them happen - and our ambitions soar. Miracle is the best matchmaker on the market. But even this is not good enough, we want to do more and we can do much more. Miracle's ambition is to manifest ourselves as the strongest brand in the market and constantly cross boundaries for what is considered possible.

Our mission is to create the perfect match every time. We want to create win-win situations for the client, the consultant and the business. And we want have fun while we are doing it.

There is an ever increasing demand for specific and sharp IT skills. Whereas many of the more mundane IT tasks in these and previous years have been outsourced, there is now a significantly increased focus on more specific IT skills.

Companies are mainly needing highly specialized IT knowledge in order to solve specific tasks and projects of both short and long duration. The IT skills sought after are not exactly shelf products and a lot of resources are required to find the right candidate for a specific task.

Our partners are among today's critical consumers. When seeking IT assistance to a project, value for money is expected. Likewise, IT freelance consultants expect reward on merit, as well as tasks and challenges that can provide them with professional progress within their specific area of expertise. The perfect match does not occur until these requirements and expectations are met on both sides. Here, Miracle is the IT match maker for companies and consultants. Miracle searches the professional market and finds the perfect match for both consultants and companies.

The IT job market rarely works under the same conditions as the remaining job market where a vacancy is posted and filled according to routine procedures. It is all about networking, networking and networking - and the ability to use it professionally. At Miracle, we know the drill.

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11 - 20 employees

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