Redmind AB

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Redmind AB
21 - 50 employees
01. Consultant
We help companies that need to fill in a single role or a skill gap, we have experience and expertise in all aspects of software development.
Thanks to our subcontractor community we have a deep bench that we can rely on to meet markets demand, skills range from Agile Coaches, Product Owners and Scrum Masters to Backend and Frontend Developers, as well as Manual Testers, Test Automation Engineers, and Test Coaches.
02. Software Development
We can help you start and strengthen any change journey your company is undertaking with our series of workshops, talks, and Design Sprint
Redmind can help you further — no matter the size or scope of your project — by giving you quick access to a cohesive team of front and backend developers, test engineers, team leads, scrum masters.
Everything within a team is bespoke built and optimized to deliver on your projects efficiently and in a controlled manner.
A Redmind team is faster and more efficient than a team in which people work together for the first time.

03. Venture
We invest in early-stage companies (Seed to Series A).
We provide companies not only with access to capital, we also invest with time and our own resources.
We have the networks, resources, and industry expertise to build and accelerate growth regardless of what your company needs. As a full-stack venture studio, we come into all our partnership with a skin-in-the-game mentality.
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