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Apptitude ApS

2 - 4 employees
Technology is our passion - we want to help companies thrive and expand, in a world of digital opportunities
At Apptitude we have a wide range of skills. In order to immerse ourselves as much as possible, we each have our focus areas - everything from system development to website development and creative identity.

Mikkel and Tobias, the two founders of Apptitude, have both completed a professional bachelor in software development as well as several years of experience in the subject. Mikkel has previously worked with data visualization and has participated in the development of platforms for maintaining mechanical components. Tobias has worked with system development and integration solutions and has dealt extensively with topics within DevOps. During the time of Apptitude we have, by utilizing each other's competencies, built solutions ranging from system integration to webshops.


Application Development
System Development
Web Development
No available consultants at the moment


Competence areas

Design & Media
IT & Telecom
Marketing & PR
Technology & Engineering

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