Need Consult

2 - 4 employees

Need Consult delivers professional consultants for IT projects.

Get the job done by a Freelance IT Consultant The Need Consult team find the ideel match of IT-consultants for your team.
  • Scale up and down with labor and specialists
  • Get the opportunity to gain special knowledge quickly
  • Save time looking for a hard-to-find profiles
  • Get help for peak loads in your projects and get help for short projects
  • Get a neutral knowledge person who can be the initiator and driver of new initiatives
  • Save time on procurement by leaving sourcing to us.
Need Consult recruits freelance IT consultants and strategic roles for companies in all industries across the Europe.
Our sourcing is ready to quickly help companies safely through the process. We research, select with high quality and deliver specialists to companies all over Denmark.
We provide this personal service to both our clients and consultants. The close contact and follow-up is one of our key values.
The choice between the many suppliers on the market can seem complex. Finding the right specialist for the job can be cumbersome and time consuming for companies.
Our goal is to make it EASY, FAST and SIMPLE to get an IT specialist who makes a difference!


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2 - 4 employees

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