ML Factory

2 - 4 employees
Machine Learning Products
ML Factory is a machine learning consultancy/advisory with a focus on building high quality commercial production grade machine learning systems. Our consultants have built products such as:

- SAS Airline Recommendation engine (award winning)
- ICA retailer recommendation engine
- Marakanda marketing engine (game changing startup in Telco marketing)
- Telenor/Trafikverket traffic estimator from network data
- McDonald's dashboards

Examples of what we can help you with:
- Do you even need machine learning to begin with?
- When do you need a researcher and when do you need an engineer?
- Building cost effective machine learning products that suit your needs
- MLOps (
- Cloud architecture, data science, data engineering, AI (artificial intelligence), software engineering
- Which platforms to choose? Build your own? (Cost and performance and complexity trade-off considerations)
- Cloud/on-premise/hybrid?
- Feasibility assessment
- Scoping, time assessment, project expectation estimations
- Data collection strategy
- Labeling/ground truth strategy
- Recruiting (DS/ML/DE/AI)
- Upskilling
- Privacy aspects
- Anonymization

We can provide consultancy for junior, senior, expert, and lead roles. We have experience with multiple cloud platforms, but AWS in particular.

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