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11 - 20 employees
Auddly enables you to manage your creativity, your collaborations and your music business – all with full transparency, full control with minimal risk of problems and maximum opportunity for accurate payments.
In today’s turbulent music industry, some of the biggest challenges are accuracy in data collection and royalty distribution, song split disputes, and communication difficulties. In the midst of the storm are those who want nothing else but to be creative, make music and let the whole world listen: the originators. That’s why we created Auddly.
Auddly is a digital tool that gathers all information about a musical piece in one place, as an independent bridge between the music industry’s copyright owners and master owners. It's designed by and for creators in order to make the registration and collection of information so easy, accurate and transparent that music makers can focus on making music – and still receive the royalties they are due.
Our users are songwriters, producers, artists, music publishers and collecting societies from all around the world.

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