2 - 4 employees

Disaster project wanted! We specialize in rescuing IT and Telecom projects that has gone bad. We also have a lot of experience with projects where third parties are trying to run the project to their benefit.

We help clients to sort out business transformation and / or IT projects that have derailed, missed timelines or for other reasons do not deliver the business value anticipated.
We have amongst ourselves over 80 years of experience from leading positions in internationally acclaimed consultancy and telecommunication companies, experiences that we have used over the past 15 years in engagements within our domain.
We are not associated with any consultancy company hence we act completely independent and only in the best interest of our clients.
Many of our clients engage us at first for auditing ongoing initiatives or auditing the readiness for change within the organization.
No available consultants at the moment

Competence areas

Installation & Assembly
IT & Telecom
Management & Strategy
Restaurant & Hotel
Transport & Logistics
2 - 4 employees

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