Accuro ApS

11 - 20 employees
We are an SAP and IT recruitment agency, offering both freelance and permanent consultants.
We are proud to be both clients' and consultants' recruitment partner on SAP and IT, and we want to maintain our position as one of the leading recruitment agencies in the industry.
For our consultants, we work hard to find and match you with the right projects that are relevant to you. This means that we are in continuous contact - both when you are on a project but also when you are not. We see and understand your talent, let us find your next freelance job whether it be in SAP or IT, we are great matchmakers!

For our customers, this means that we want to understand the spirit of your business - the culture that defines you. Therefore, you will find that we are onsite so we can get to know you. Once we know and understand your business, we have the best prerequisites for finding you the best matches.


Freelance Recruiting
IT Freelance Consultants
IT Freelance Placement Company
IT Matchmaker
IT Recruiting
Permanent Placement for Consultants
SAP Freelance Consultants

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