Find your newcoworker here

Brainville is a hot spot for experts in a number of industries in the Nordics - and it isn't just freelancers and consultants. A lot of our users are open to permanent positions.

Your next coworker

Brainville isn't just a marketplace for freelancers and consultants. There are lots of people here who are open to permanent positions too. Login and contact them!


Recruitment is a recently released part of Brainville and is free of charge at the moment!


By using profiles in Brainville, instead of resume files, both sides of the deal avoid some of the headache that GDPR otherwise can give you. Job posters gain access to profiles who apply or are shared in the marketplace, but only as long as the person who shared it allows it. It's as simple as that!

Can't find a suitable candidate?

Well, why not get a freelancer or consultant instead? There are thousands of them here, Sometimes it's more important to get the job done than to get a new employee.

How it works

Candidates show their profile

Individuals, umbrella contractors and self-employed freelancers looking for permanent positions share their profiles in Brainville. The profiles are not anonymous.

Employers search for candidates

Employers search for matching profiles and find their dream coworker. They contact the candidate.

You seal the deal

If the candidate agrees to the match you take the next step together - without Brainville interfering.

Some of our job posters and partners