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Yes, it is totally free of charge for everyone who's looking for a new job.

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If the form of employment isn't that important to you, why not take a time-limited assignment? All you have to do to see the thousands of assignments that are published here every month is to either select an umbrella company to represent you, or start your own company.

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Individuals, umbrella contractors and self-employed freelancers looking for permanent positions share their profiles in Brainville. The profiles are not anonymous.

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Employers search for matching profiles and find their dream coworker. They contact the candidate.

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If the candidate agrees to the match you take the next step together - without Brainville interfering.

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More than 20.000 companies use Brainville and more than 40.000 assignments were published here in 2022. And yes, you can use Brainville completely free of charge.