Polar Cape Consulting

51 - 100 employees
At Polar Cape we pride ourselves on providing consultants with not only excellent industry experience and a proven track record, but also a pragmatic approach to IT and IT projects.
At Polar Cape we believe that IT projects are all about business value. Our consultants have extensive experience within IT Project Delivery, and our pragmatic approach ensures that our customers get the most business value from their IT Solutions.
We specialize in System Integration and Business Support Systems such as CRM, and Business Process Management platforms.
We deliver stable and robust solutions with flexibility, high quality, and value for money - whether we are assisting our clients in project delivery, or taking the full responsibility for developing and delivering solutions ourselves.

Polar Cape Consulting is a Professional Services company and we provide both experienced and solution-oriented senior consultants (project managers, test managers, and system architects), as well as full project delivery including development, test, and maintenance, facilitated by our development and test centre in Skopje, Macedonia.

Polar Cape's customers are companies for whom Business Support Systems are key to operational success. We have customers in the telecoms, finance, and retail industries, among others.

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