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Interim Cyber Security Architect

IT & Telecom
This gig is no longer available.
We are now looking for a interim Cyber Security architect to SCANIA. The consultant should be able to (and preferably have experience from) interpreting the UNECE r155 and ISO 21434 into requirement for a company to implement and also described how it can be implemented in a company. If the cconsultant also have experience from the Chinese regulatory affairs it is also considered a plus since there is an additional ongoing process in parallel where the candidate might be eligible.

This is a “new” regulation, the current organisation consists of new and legacy items, way of working, and fragmented stakeholders for sub-processes and users, IT-tools, IT-systems and there can be parallel or conflicting way-of-working/processes. The consultant must then be able to manage stakeholders, be a change leader and be prepared for challenging discussions and stakeholder management.

Tasks that the consultant may perform:
- Interpret the UNECE standard into tangible requirements for the company.
- Map the UNECE standard to the iSO 21434 standard.
- Initiate the work with setting up principles and guide rails for working with the management
- Being a spokesperson for the requirements and how to implement the requirements in the

Experience and knowledge about the tools Enterprise Architect Sparx.
Södertälje, Sweden
ASAP - Open