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Interim Solution Architect- Scania

IT & Telecom
This gig is no longer available.
We are currently in a recruitment process that is taking longer than expected. Meanwhile we need to establish a current state for the Software Development enablement areas. We are now looking for an interim solution architect during the recruitment, guessing 6 months contract but depending on the situation it may be longer.

The candidate should be able to map and set a baseline for the current state of the tool chain. Please note that this position requires a candidate that have worked with multiple systems and can have a flow and strategic mindset (not just worked as a solution architect for one system at a time). Leadership qualities and Change Management experience is preferred.

The tool used to visualize the toolchain is Enterprise Architect SPARX and to document it is LEAN IX. The candidate would preferably have used the systems or be open to learn them. Since this is a “new” organization, the “new” tool-chain consists of new and legacy systems, way of working, and fragmented integrations where there can be parallel or conflicting solutions. The candidate must then be able to manage stakeholders, be a change leader and be prepared for challenging discussions and stakeholder management.

Excerpt of example tasks that the candidate may perform:
Map and document the current IT-toolchain layer
- all IT-tools in the tool chain
- the tools’
- purpose
- functions
- setup of the configurations
- “happy path” from a user perspective
- the integrations
- type of integrations
- information exchanged in the integrations

Initiate the work with setting up principles and guide rails for working with the tool chain.
Beeing a spokes person for the tool-chain perspective.

MSc, Bsc, or equivalent work experience

Swedish English,

Experience and knowledge about the tools Enterprise Architect Sparx and Lean IX.

Start: ASAP

End: 2023-03-31
Stockholm, Sweden
ASAP - Open