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A Test Lead with a several years of experience

IT & Telecom
Stockholms län
This gig is no longer available.
Our customer needs to ensure their delivery capacity under high load and is now looking for an expert who can analyze, plan and implement perfomance testing accordingly.
You will work in a development team. This assignment includes the whole chain from analyzing customer needs for performance testing to the actual implementation of tests and analyzing the results. You will also need to lead a team of other performance engineers.
About you
You have a natural drive and a strong interest in performance testing
You like to share your knowledge
You are accurate, responsible and quality-conscious
You have several years of experience in:
Load and stress testing (hands-on)
Analyzing customer needs and giving proposals for implementation
Planning and coordination of performance testing
Performance testing on components and also on end-to-end level
Continuous performance testing as part of the product life cycle
Cloud and on-prem environments
stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
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