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Skåne län
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This gig is no longer available.

The search team is a small but highly skilled group of developers that develop an in house developed fully custom search engine. The team is responsible for defining key results and metrics as well as follow up on the deliveries towards these results. The team has full control of the entire chain from infrastructure (Google Cloud Platform) to end user experience which allows for flexibility to experiment and change.

The scope for the consultant is:
Participate in all activities initiated by the team to improve the product.

Desired knowledge, experience, competence skills etc
We believe you have a strong computer science background and skills to develop and implement algorithms that are complicated and need to be efficient. You are used to analysis and preprocessing of input data as well as analysis of effects on user behavior. Previous knowledge in Java and SQL is expected. Previous knowledge building machine learning applications and working with cloud based infrastructure is desirable.

Languages preferred are Python, C++ and Javascript.

Three most important things
Mathematical background (MSc.)
Software engineering

Period and Location
Project start date: ASAP
Total estimated hours: 1920
Project end date: 8/31/2020
Primary working site(s) will be: Malmö
19 November 2019
Malmö, Skåne län, Sweden
ASAP - 31/08/2020
IT & Telecom


Java Javascript SQL C++ Algorithms Analys Analysis Applications Computer Science Flexibility Languages Math Metrics Processing Python Cloud User experience Machine learning search GCP Mathematics