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AWS Consultant

IT & Telecom
Stockholms län
This gig is no longer available.
Please contact Hanan@oneagency.se for further information.

Skills we are looking for
- JavaScript

What is the team working with and what is the consultant aimed to do:
- Due to some element of confidentiality regarding the project we can’t share that much information - It's an exciting new product that we are looking to bring to market for the consumer proposition
- We want it to be in place MVP at end of August
- There are some security considerations that mean that we can't use our current infra, so the team need independent infra
- The team developing the product have good momentum but are lacking AWS specific expertise and as a result are having to 'read up'
- Things would go quicker if there was an AWS expert sat with them

Specifics you need to be up to speed with:
- aws lambda
- aws cloudformation - aws sqs
- aws dynamodb
- deployment pipelines and CI knowledge (jenkins and/or AWS codebuild)

Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
ASAP - Open