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Lead Developer

IT & Telecom
Stockholms län
This gig is no longer available.
Your job as Lead developer of our POS is to be the main architect for the current solution; making sure not only that it continues to run stable but also to make it future-proof. Within Food & Beverage, there are two main segments: Casual dining service (CSR) and Counter service (QSR). CSR is when the guest sits down and orders, and QSR is when the guest orders at the counter (classic fast-food). We are strong in both segments but in 2019-2020 we want to take further steps within CSR to offer more innovative solutions for the guests and more effective solutions for the staff. Examples of this is using ultra-sound to position guests so you can just sit down and order from your app and then get your food delivered to the table. When it comes to improving the experience for the staff, we are working closely with Svenska Brasserier (Taverna Brillo, Sturehof, etc.) to decrease the time the staff spends on administration, and increase their possibilities to give great service. Currently, on average, the staff spends 90-95% of their time in CSR on administration. We think that time could be heavily decreased which in turn leads to happier staff and happier guests.
You will be working at our Stockholm office in a team consisting of a Product Manager, UX designer, two front-end developers, and a back-end developer. You will also collaborate a lot with the team responsible for our AWS environment and the web GUI of which two people are based in Stockholm and ten people are based in Sundsvall.
Your qualifications
• Very experienced (6+ years professional experience) in Java in general, Java 8 in particular.
• Knowing the ins and outs of Java SE and
• Strong understanding of threading and concurrency
• Competence in Swing is a plus
• High problem-solving skills
• High level experience in Maven, Gradle, Git
• Experience in Unit testing / Integration testing
• Experience in building RESTful web services (with Spring MVC)
• Experience in Payment services is a plus
• DevOps attitude, we are not only developers, we also run the service
• High level understanding of creating maintainable solutions, with good design.
• Understanding patterns of reusable code and object oriented design patterns
Web Services
Ux design
Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
ASAP - Open