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Develop, train and coach using Gamification and Agile Leadership.
* Culture Shaping
"Culture eats any strategy for breakfast!", the foundation of a company is its culture, which means the belief, principles, rituals, and values defining how the people in the company behaves.

* Leadership Training
Leadership is about motivating and inspiring in aligning goals, building great teams, create value and always improve. Using neuroscience research on how the brain works (and people behave) is the key on how I develop your leadership.

* Agility Coaching
Nourish and cultivate the agile mindset of respect, collaboration, improvement and learning cycles, pride in ownership, focus on delivering value, and the ability to adapt to change. It’s this mindset that transforms groups into high-performing teams, delivering amazing results to the customers.

* Gamification
Gamification is about using game development tricks and mechanics that make games fun and absorbing into the organization or non-game products to improve engagement, participation, and motivation.

* Business Strategy
Help develop a master plan for the management to use to secure a competitive position in the market, carry on its operations, please customers and achieve the desired ends of the business.

* Board Member
Govern the organization by broad policies and objectives and setting up a corporation and legal existence, and to represent the organization's point of view through an interpretation of its products and services being accountable to the stockholders.

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