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A project manager and scrum master who really cares about people
I am a senior project manager and scrum master who has over ten years of experience managing projects in various organisations and industries.
I am a person who puts a lot of soul and heart into my work in order to truly succeed in taking projects to completion. With me you get someone who can combine business with IT. I know how to best unite these areas and to create a well-functioning group and work environment in which to work towards common goals.
As a project manager or scrum master, I believe that one of my most important tasks is to create the best conditions for project members. This means dealing with any obstacles that arise and providing clear guidelines and goals. Furthermore, I am not afraid to make decisions even when I do not have all the necessary information.
With me you get someone who really cares about not only the people in the team, but also those affected by the change. I believe that the project should be responsible for change management and have resources that enable a smooth transition. This ensures that those affected feel calm and secure.
I am pragmatic and results oriented. I focus on solving any problems on the way and delivering on time. I have been in situations where teamwork has been emotionally negative, and I have no problem dealing with the situations and conflicts that this entails.
I see humour as a tool for creating a positive work environment, but also for resolving conflicts and stressful situations. Together we will have an enjoyable project.

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