Karan Sharma

CRM Senior Developer Nemely Not shared
Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Senior Developer with Experience from Multiple Indust
Dynamics CRM Developer with deep experience of the Dynamics platform and surrounding technologies including advanced .NET development. Proven experience in implementing CRM solutions across many different industries. Has assumed roles as senior developer, lead developer, business analyst and product owner. Always with a positive attitude and a solution-oriented mindset, Karan is always highly valued by customers and team members alike.


Senior CRM Developer, CRM System Owner
Nov 2016 - Feb 2020
Stockholm, Sweden
100 %
Working in-house as a CRM system owner involved below-mentioned tasks. Main focus for CRM system was to use a standard system with no unsupported customizations for Sales and Customer Services. For major duration of the role, was the only person responsible for the CRM system.
• Maintenance and enhancement of CRM system for proper functioning and ensuring least downtime
- Tasks under this category involved day-to-day maintenance of the system like resolving queries, implementing changes, coordinating with Super-users to gather information regarding changes, mapping business process to system, Personalized dashboards for different sales departments so they can have a quick overview of the pipeline, tailored training sessions for super-users based on their department.
- Maintenance/Enhancement tasks also involved close interaction with other system owners within IT to handle various changes for existing/new integrations
Dynamics 365 Sales MS CRM 2016 D365 On-Premise .Net Framework 4.6 Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2016 Microsoft SQL Server 2014/2016 .NET HTML JSON Javascript
Dustin AB
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant
May 2016 - Nov 2016
Stockholm, Sweden
100 %
The focus of the project was to do a quick upgrade of CRM 2015 to 2016 version. With no un-supported customizations and good usage of OOB features, upgrade project was implemented within 3 weeks’ time with major part of it spent on testing from business. CRM was also used as a showcase for other products within the organization to reduce complex customizations.
• In-place Upgrade of Dynamics CRM ensure minimum down time.
• Release also included integration for Customers and contacts from CRM to AX. Previously, implementation had only one-directional integration from AX to CRM.
MS-CRM 2016 .Net Framework 4.0 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Windows OS C# HTML jQuery JSON SSRS
Dustin AB
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant
Aug 2015 - Apr 2016
Stockholm, Sweden
100 %
Project implemented with idea of using Standard CRM with no unsupported customization. Previous version of the implementation used a heavily customized system and required a lot of maintenance. With first phase released in Nov 2015, it has set an example for other projects in the customer IT department to stick to idea of “Standard product” and evaluate “Business-value vs Maintenance cost” before implementing a solution.
• Maintenance of old CRM environment until new version is up and running in full pace.
• A system which is easier to use.
• System which provides a 360 view of customer with faster data insertion processes and uses simple OOB customizations which are easier to maintain
• Possibility to do faster upgrades, when needed, of CRM versions.
• Use of custom web-services which holds all the custom code data transformation
• Setting up SQL helper database which can be used as a staging database for Integration between BI, Bisnode and CRM.
MS-CRM 2015 .Net Framework 4.0 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Windows OS C# HTML jQuery JSON SSRS

Consultancy Company
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant
Nov 2014 - Jan 2015
Stockholm, Sweden
100 %
Quick CRM implementation to migrate Microsoft CRM 2013 online implementation (Base Language Swedish to Base Language English). Activities include:

• Setting up a dynamic data visibility to users depending on the business unit they belong to. Approach includes using CRM plugins to show, create and update data specific to specific user’s business unit. By this approach, one account is related to multiple business unit with different set of data.

• Setting up CRM 2013 online and SharePoint 2013 online integration for automatic creation of Folder items in a SharePoint List. These auto-created folders are used to organizing documents corresponding to a specific Opportunity or Account in CRM.
Dynamics CRM 2013 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Windows OS ASP.NET SSRS Reports. CRM

Catella AB
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant and Application Maintenance
Oct 2014 - Nov 2016
Stockholm, Sweden
100 %
Scope of the project was to map customer’s complex business process in Dynamics CRM, provide a better insight to their ongoing and upcoming opportunities in the market and providing users with ways to speed up their day to day activities.

• Technical implementation of a custom search functionality to search for data, which helped user to filter data based on multiple parameters.
• A custom web application integrated with CRM to provide insight on various investors and simplify the process of updating information on specific investors.
• Installation of an Internet facing deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015 with Reporting.
• CRM customizations and configurations.
MS-CRM 2013 Windows OS ASP.NET 3.5 C# SSRS

Dafo Brand AB
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant
Feb 2014 - Dec 2014
Stockholm, Sweden
100 %
Scope of the project was to migrate existing implementation of Microsoft CRM 2011 to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to leverage new features like simplified CRM 2013 layout, redefined processes, multiple forms, better outlook integration.

• Set up of Internet Facing deployment on new implementation
• Simplifying Sales process by using CRM 2013 business processes
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Windows Server MS-CRM 2011 and 2013 Windows OS ASP.NET SSRS Reports.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer / Customizer
Dec 2013 - Jun 2014
Stockholm, Sweden
100 %
Developing an invoicing module which generates Invoice for a given period for a given project / customer. With minimum input (specifying start date and end date for Invoicing period) it is possible to calculate billable timed efforts by all resources and miscellaneous expenses during that time period.

• Technical setup of Time-reporting and invoicing module with Dynamics CRM.
Microsoft CRM 2013 and 2011 C# (Plugin and Custom Workflow Activity) JavaScript Dialog Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Windows Server Windows OS ASP.NET SSRS Reports

Web Developer/Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer / Customizer
Jan 2013 - Jun 2013
Stockholm, Sweden
100 %
Developing website for the company using Dynamics CRM as Content management system (CMS). Page content and components could be easily changed and managed from within CRM reducing the number of deployments

• Implementing the website from scratch, customizing dynamics CRM to ensure easier management of website content and configuration
Microsoft CRM 2011 C# JavaScript Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Windows Server Windows OS ASP.NET.

Scania AB
Microsoft CRM developer (CRM on Premise)
Nov 2009 - Oct 2012
Södertälje, Sweden
100 %
To implement a CRM solution which caters to in-house sales and service processes of the customer. Integrate CRM with Source Dealer system and provide salesman with a means to track their day to day customer interactions. Project encompasses implementation for multiple European markets on CRM 4.0. It was also upgraded to CRM 2011. Idea for the solution was to provide a common working model in European markets, as their business rules are almost alike. However, each market is permitted to have some deviations to include market-based unique business process, if exists. Though master data for the users is a Dealer System, CRM application is being enhanced to keep a repository of user interaction with customer through inherent CRM features like Outlook Emails, Tasks, Activities, Phone call. Was involved in definition of change requests and interpreting market demands into technical implementations with focus on usability, commonality between markets and maintainability.
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Windows Server MS-CRM 4.0 Windows OS ASP.NET C#.

Nordea Liv & Pension
Microsoft CRM Customizer / Developer
Jul 2009 - Dec 2009
100 %
Scope of the project was to implement and a CRM solution for Insurance company.

• Setup of CRM On-premise environment in India for offshore development.
• Development of CRM forms, CRM Workflows and reports, JavaScript validations.
Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft CRM 4.0 SQL Server JavaScript Microsoft Windows Server Windows OS ASP.NET SSRS Reports.


Shaheed Bhagat Singh State Technical University
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Mechanical
Mathematics Manufacturing Engineering (CAM) Computer-Aided Manufacturing Mechatronics


Integrations (With MS CRM)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Administration
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Configuration
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training
Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate
Visual Studio
.NET Framework 4.5
Common data Service D365
Team Foundation Server
ConnectWise Manage


Integration Specialist
Senior CRM Technical Specialist
Senior Microsoft CRM Consultant
Senior Software Engineer
Team Lead




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On site work
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Team Player
Problem Solver
Quick Learner
Goal Oriented
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