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Harish L. Yadav

Senior Full Stack Developer with experience in various industries
A dynamic professional full-stack software developer holding a B.Sc in Computer Science with 8 years of extensive IT experience. A result-oriented professional experience in application development enhancement & maintenance, service delivery, and client relationship management in Domain.

Insightful knowledge of Microsoft Technologies, OOP's Concept, N-Tier Architecture, Design Patterns. Exports knowledge in Web Development in Angular2, AngularJS, BackboneJS, Bootstrap, CSS, ExtJS, HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, Kendo UI, KnockoutJS, ReactJS, Typescript. In-Depth Knowledge of Databases like MSSQL,


Project: ExOpen Systems AB
Full Stack Developer / Sr. Developer
Dec 2018 - Jun 2019
Stockholm, Sweden
ExOpen is a product that being used by different several big and small companies in Stockholm for Creating Report, Budgeting, and HR Reporting. Data being pumped from different data sources like Fortnox API, PE Accounting API, etc. and dumped in SQL server Database for creating different types of report in excel (program based). This excel program contain different functions built in C# to communicate between excel interop and database. All the data-pumps were built in .net core to pull the data from APIs and save it in ExOpen databases. Azure CI/CD pipeline is being used in all application.
C# .Net Framework SQL .Net Core Web API Repository Pattern LINQ VSTO EPPlus SQL Server 2016

Project: Scania Group, Sweden
Full Stack Developer / Sr. Software Engineer
Nov 2014 - Nov 2018
Stockholm, Sweden
Cow is a web-based application used by user over different countries for making order for purchasing Bus, Trucks or Engines. This application is used to capture the order, here we different section like Order Page, Stocklist, Administration, Search Order, Connect different order, Report generation. This application is built in and web services, we are rewriting the code in Angular 4, Web Api, Entity Framework, Bootstrap. Responsibilities: • Design, develop, test, support and deploy desktop, custom web applications. • Gather customer software requirements and develop related software applications and programs. • Research and evaluate software related technologies and products. • Design and develop testing and maintenance procedures and activities. • Develop and write high-quality coding that meets customer requirements. • Create software documentation and update existing documentation. • Assist and support other team members on multiple projects.
.Net Framework HTML AngularJS Web API Bootstrap jQuery RabbitMQ Kendo UI SignalR C#

Project: Horizon Media, Inc New York
Sr. Software Engineer
Nov 2014 - Nov 2018
Data manager is web-based application used by client to incorporate advertisement related data from different websites. These advertisements are broadly classified into 3 categories Placement, Creative, Campaign as source types. Naming convention generator is an excel file generation for source type with different attributes like ad server, size etc. Placement Mapping screen is used to display placement data, it has upload/download functionality. Similarly, for creative mapping data. Campaign has third party data screen which is actually based on publisher. So, for one campaign there would be multiple site excel generated. Then we have report section, analytics reports & exception report. These reports are managed through RabbitMQ service. To monitor RabbitMQ service, we have jobs screen. Then we have admin section which is used managed all configuration related screen for source types. I can explain more clearly face to face about the business work flow.
SQL server 2014 .Net Framework Html Kendo UI AngularJS Web API Entity Framework 6 Repository Pattern Dependency Injection LINQ

Project: CBS Corporation, New York
Sr. Software Engineer
Nov 2014 - Nov 2018
VPA (Video Picture Audio) is web-based application used by internal users of CBS channel. It is a configuration-based application that is being used by other application (Media PO) to create purchase order. Basically, project include modules like Materials & Attributes of material. (E.g. HD Camera is my material & Bit Rate will its attributes). While creating attribute user can mention if it is of specific video, picture or audio. So, one material can have multiple attributes associated. Each attribute will have specific rules defined to assign material. (Eg. Bit Rate attribute will have min-max value to be defined).
.Net Framework Html 5 Kendo UI AngularJS Web API Entity Framework 6 Repository Pattern LINQ C# jQuery

Project: Viacom, New York
Sr. Software Engineer
Nov 2014 - Nov 2018
The client is a major US commercial broadcasting television network. OAP.NET is the web based On-Air Promotion tracking system for MTV Networks, VH1, and Nickelodeon. Inc sense, it is used to store metadata of promo in the system. OAP.NET allows users of different channel to add new project for promos, promos and search for existing promos. If promos submitted is proper and approved, can be further carted and delivered to requested users. Each promo is approved or rejected based on certain attributes. Report is being built in SSRS to be generated based on different filter criteria. It include modules like add-edit Campaign, add-edit promo under once campaign, add-edit cut under particular promo. Base on campaign, promo & channel different types of report are generated.
.Net Framework ASP.Net MVC 5 Entity Framework 6 Repository Pattern Dependency Injection Bootstrap LINQ C# jQuery

Project: Urban Media, UK
Sr. Software Developer
Aug 2013 - Oct 2014
The project is being developed for the company named Urban media. The web-based application is used by internal user as well as client of Urban media. The project consists of mainly modules for Super admin, Digiatric Admin, CCG Admin & users, HCP Admin & users, Patient Users. Super admin has all the access in the system, he can add users, upload file change HCP, CCG, etc., he can upload a file which can be accessible by other users according to rights. Digiatric admin, their responsibilities include adding regions and access to libraries. & many more. CCG admin & users, their responsibility include pass on the related libraries to respective HCP and have rights to assign HCP to particular practice as per the region. HCP admin & users, their responsibilities include add appointment, dosage, etc., as well as assign document libraries to the respective patient.
.Net Framework 4.5 MVC 4 Entity Framework 5 Repository Pattern Dependency Injection Bootstrap LINQ C# jQuery AJAX

Project: Ultimate Web, UK
Sr. Software Developer
Aug 2013 - Oct 2014
The project is being developed for the company named Ultimate Web. The web-based application is used by internal user of Ultimate Web. The project consists of mainly modules like user manager, valuation, people, products, reports. The user module includes the processing of the new user or existing user and providing the specific rights to that user. The valuation module includes the processing of valuation of the products from the customer end as well from admin end after the valuation from admin end valuation get finalized. The People module includes process of maintaining the records of the customers and subscribers. The products module includes the actual details of product like type of brand, range, image, its depreciation value, search groups, etc. The reports module includes various types of reports like valuation history, stocks available for product, types of brand, etc.
.Net Framework 4.5 HTML 5 LINQ C# Web Service jQuery AJAX SQL Server 2012 Debug Code Software Development

Project: Griffin Marine Travel
Software Engineer
Aug 2013 - Oct 2014
The project is being developed for the organization named Griffin Marine Travel. The web-based application is used in branches in Singapore and Australia. The project consists of mainly modules like Bank Transaction, Credit Card Transaction, Facilities Management, Exchange Rate, Financial Summary Report, User wise right to account, Credit Control. The Bank transaction module includes the process like Payable and Receivable entries of customers and suppliers. The Credit card transaction module includes the process like generating invoice for air & non-air ticketing transaction for customers. It also include facility like excel generation of invoices as well as pdf generation. The Facilities management include entry for facilities provided by banks like Bank guarantee, Receivable funds and Over draft. These facilities can be used while mapping to bank deposit or withdraw to account. Financial Summary describes where the company stands in terms of finance today.
.Net Framework 4.0 Asp.Net C# WCF jQuery Fusion Charts SQL Server 2008

Project: Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund, Mumbai
Software Developer
Feb 2012 - Jul 2013
The project is being developed for the organization named Birla Sunlife Mutual Funds. The web-based application is used in all branches in India. The project consists of mainly modules like Procurement, scheme expense system, ers, HR alerts, etc. The procurement module includes the process like vendor management, purchase order, invoice and their receipts. The scheme expense module includes entry of various mutual funds-based scheme and its excel generation. The ERS module include module like employee reimbursement system like travel expense, food expense, etc. HR alerts include the entry of new member to Birla family, birthday alerts, etc.
.Net Framework 4.0 SharePoint C# JavaScript Ajax Fusion Charts SQL Server 2008 Troubleshoot Debug

Project: 5nance
Software Developer
Jul 2010 - Jan 2012
The project is being developed for the organization named 5nance. The Web based application is used by anonymous user those who want to manage their finances . The project consists of mainly modules like Personal Settings, Portfolio, Budget, Advisory, Reports. The personal settings module takes details of users like personal details, family details, bank details, professional details which help in managing finances of users. The portfolio module shows the charts to indicate the value of investment like real state, mutual funds, equity, gold, other assets etc. The budget module includes budget plan for users for current financial user. The advisory module gives you advice on the basis on risk profile like child education, retirement, tax saving, child marriage, other goals. The report module include reports based on investment plan, portfolio reports.
SQL Server 2008 .Net Framework4.0 Asp.Net Entity Framework LINQ JavaScript Ajax

Charak Pharma Pvt Ltd
Software Engineer
Jul 2010 - Jan 2012
The project is being developed for the organization named Charak Pharma Pvt Ltd. The web-based application is used in all the branches and Users all over. The project consists of mainly modules like call center, appointment, collection, inventory, clinic account, reports. The call center sub module include enquiry, follow-up, SMS-appointment. The appointment sub module include panchakarma, advanced panchakarma, appointment against enquiry, direct appointment, patient visit. The collection includes direct receipt, receipt cancellation. The inventory includes order request, GRN, bill. The clinic account includes purchase, payment, contra, opening balance. The reports includes various reports based on transactions.
.Net Framework3.5 Asp.Net Enterprise Library JavaScript Ajax SQL Server 2008

Project: Madhunil Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd,
Software Engineer
Jul 2010 - Jan 2012
The project is being developed for the organization named Madhunil Engineering Services. The windows-based application is used in all the branches and customers of the company. The project consists of mainly three modules like Billing, Job Work, Store, AMC, Warranty, Reports, Email. The Billing module automates the process like Quotations, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Sales, Works Order which helps to maintain the track of each and every invoice and its details. The Job Work automates the process of providing service to its existing customer which include module like Job Card helpful to maintain the good relationship between the organization and the customers. The Store includes module like GRN And Return which keeps the details of material to be received and to be return. The AMC module includes Contract to be served and invoice to be generated on basis of AMC. Invoice can be monthly, quarterly, yearly.
.Net Framework 3.5 Enterprise Library Telerek Controls SQL Server 2008


Mumbai University
Bachelor’s in Computer Science (B.Sc.)
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