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Niklas Ramström

A driven leader with focus on change and efficiency
As a driven, engaged and innovative person I often think outside the box to find new solutions on problems or situations. During my work-life I have been involved in issues as product assortments, operative and strategic development for product lines and organizations, profitability analytics. I have worked most of my time in an international environment with mainly USA, Brazil, China and Thailand. I worked and lived with my family in São Paulo, Brazil, for 2.5 years..


Nikzes AB
Owner / CEO
Feb 2017 - Pågående
In 2017 I started up Nikzes AB to be able to take assignments within: - Structure and visualize information including data analytics. I mainly work with Excel including macrons (VBA) to use my creativity and innovations skills. - Product management with a base in Ericsson Product Life Cycle Management (PLCM). - Project Management within a wide spectrum from product development to change organizations as processes, phase-in/phase-out product lines or processes.
Excel VBA Project Manager Product Manager
Helping Company Sweden AB
Project Manager – Pre-study of power plant set-up
Jul 2018 - Dec 2018
As pre-study leader did I had the responsibility to define and understand the requisition to put up an electrical power plant. Included in the team was two external companies as experts and resources understanding finical funding. During the pre-study did we have contact with county, power network owner and subcontractors. The pre-study report contained market analytics, financial forecasting, company set-up and organization, dimensioning and layout of plant. In spring 2019 is it planned to secure funding.
Project Manager Pre-study Finacial Power plant
Structure information and implement GDPR
Jun 2018 - Dec 2018
During the start-up of Helping Company I had the role as CIO with responsibility to structure information, setting up home page, implement GDPR and be involved to arrange member meetings.
GDPR CIO Structure data
HQN Navigation
Automation of customer reporting
Sep 2017 - Pågående
HQN makes employee investigations for mainly counties and as subcontractor my task is to generate PDF-reports per organization unit. The reports are automatically generated (VBA) with unique graphs and texts.
Excel VBA MS Word
Nordisk Larm och Teleteknik AB
Sales analytics
Jan 2014 - Pågående
Since 2014 am I doing analytics on a monthly basis to find deviation between different sales systems. The last years am I also making analyses of deviation in periodical payments as well summaries historical and future payments. During 2018 did I make an extensive analysis of their sales last 5 years per product category and customer groups.
Excel VBA Analytics Structure information

Ericsson AB - Network Rollout
Product Manager – Fiber Materiel
Jan 2014 - Dec 2016
As a team of Product Managers did we have the responsibility to select vendors to secure material delivery to our global installation projects. Important was communication to the local organizations and projects. As a basis of this communication did I set-up information in the internal product catalog. To be able to structure all vendor information did I create an VBA-controlled product database. I was also working on several dynamic charts to compare prices and create a quotation model to reduce sales cost and time.
Product Manager VBA
Ericsson AB - Network Rollout
Performance Manager – Fiber Installation
Jan 2016 - Dec 2016
As Performance Manager I was responsible to make the operational and finical reports and conclusions of the service area. The information was coming from local sales representatives, global project origination, operational and business financial systems. Long term forecasts was also included. To support the work did I make automatic macrons (VBA) to retain sales leads as well make automatic reports fetching information from several Excel-files.
Excel VBA Profitability sales analytics
Ericsson AB - Network Rollout
Project Manager – New product portfolio
Jan 2014 - Dec 2014
The project goal was to set-up a new product area, Fiber Materials, within existing service area Fiber Installation. Included was strategy, decision process and document templates. A new way to source the products was introduced. An important issue was to set-up the business financial reporting.
SAP Project Manager New product area

Ericsson AB – Inbound Supply
Project Manager – Transfer of products during close of operations
Aug 2013 - Feb 2014
Project manager with responsibility to transfer 80 000 products to approx. 20 new product owners (within and outside Ericsson) during close-down of Cables & Interconnect. In the project also included to select and initiate production to new suppliers on 100 product types with consideration to need, stock and available resources during the close of manufacturing.
Project Manager Close down

Ericsson Cables & Interconnect AB
Development Manager
Aug 2011 - Jul 2013
Stockholm, Hudiksvall
Development Manager with responsibility for the short- and long-term offerings of copper and fiber cable used in Ericsson systems. This meant to drive product and manufacturing technology to meet new standards as well continuously develop new customer variants incl testing and certification. An important task was to decrease internal lead-times by improve transparence and dialog within the company from sales to manufacturing.
Development Manager Manager Agility
Profitability analytics
Jun 2010 - Jul 2013
During this period, the company was out for sale. As part of the Management team it was my responsibility to make product analyses as profitability, volume and forecast for all three product areas. It was also my responsibility to divide the product ownership to new owners.
Sales analytics Profitability

Ericsson Cables & Interconnect
Head of / Director of Product Management - Fiber, Interconnect and Energy
Jan 2004 - Jul 2011
Stockholm, Hudiksvall
Starting as Head of Product Management 2004 it was my responsibility to define the ways of working for this new function within the company. This meant activities as defining common process, adaptation of PLCM, product strategy and roadmaps, define a common product offering incl a new product catalog, introduce design services and introduce profitability analyses. From 2009 I was Director of Product Management which meant responsibility for three product area teams and work to improve our processes.
Director Product Manager Line Manager Profitability

Ericsson Network Technologies
Development Manager / Project Manager / Designer
Nov 1982 - Dec 2004
Stockholm, Sao Paulo Brasilien
• Development Manager for passive network radio base material (2001–2003). • Local Development and Manufacturing responsible in São Paulo, Brazil (1998–2000). • Project Manager for local product approval and startup of production in Thailand and Kina (1995–1997) • Project Manager for 1st concurrent engineering project which drastically reduced development lead-time (1996) • Development Manager for passive network material (1990–1994) • Mechanical designer engineer for passive network material (1982–1989)
Designer Development Manager Project Manager International Manufacturing


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