How it works

We match entire assignments with all professional profiles of freelancers and consultants in Brainville. The result contains shared matching professional profiles and companies that have employees who match the assignment.

Tips for freelancers and consultants

  1. Add all of your company's relevant professional profiles and make them as complete as possible
  2. Make sure your company profile is complete. It might be the first thing a potential customer sees
Only profiles with at least 50 % completeness are included in the matching process.

Tips for job posters

Post your assignment - the more information you add to it, the better we can match it. When the assignment is published you'll get access to our AI, helping you to find matching available freelancers, consultants and companies.


By using profiles in Brainville, instead of resume files, both sides of the deal avoid some of the headache that GDPR otherwise can give you. Job posters gain access to profiles who apply or are shared in the marketplace, but only as long as the person who shared it allows it. It's as simple as that!