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We get it! The professional services market is a jungle. That's why we've gathered gigs from many companies in one site.

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brainville explained

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It should be easy to find your dream gig. Check out this clip (in Swedish) to see how brainville can help you make life easier as a contractor.

3 benefits with brainville


Lots of gigs

It's the largest marketplace for contractors in the Nordics. The more gigs, the more likely you are to find the perfect one.
Save time

Save time

We'll keep an eye on the market for you and send you the gigs that match your profile.
No sales effort

No sales effort

You don't have to look for gigs when you're busy. Using brainville, the gigs will come to you instead!

Some of our job posters

It's so easy to get in contact with profiles that usually are really hard to find. We value the speed and the reliability of the service!
Sofia Sandström
HR-manager, Fotografiska
Vi gick precis i mål med en till affär som kommer från brainville!
Från förfrågan, offert, utvärdering, kundpres, intervju till att allt gick i mål tog de fem dagar. Dessutom med ett mindre konsultbolag som jag aldrig haft kontakt med innan. Så tack för ett bra verktyg!
Emelie Linheden
Leverans & Partneransvarig på Levigo

How it works


1. Post gigs for free

Anyone using brainville can post gigs free of charge. That goes for both suppliers and buyers.

2. Search

Contractors search the marketplace for suitable gigs and apply.
Seal the deal

3. Seal the deal

The job poster gets in contact with the perfect contractor and they sign the deal without our involvement. Done!

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Brainville's base account is free of charge and will always be free of charge. Use our Premium services if you want to get even more out of Brainville. Happy gig-hunting! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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