24 January 2023 System news

Advertise in Brainville

Do you have products or services that match our users’ needs? Then you might want to try our new platform for advertisements.

We often receive requests regarding the possibility to reach you and all other users in Brainville. That’s why we’re introducing a simple platform for this very purpose. But remember, we cherish your time and attention. We will moderate all advertisement requests and only approve of the ones that reasonably could be of value mainly for freelancers and consultancies.

How to get started

  1. Go to the tab “Ads” located on your company profile.
  2. Click “Start using ads”.
  3. If you haven’t added a credit card, you’ll be prompted. That’s it.

How to create an ad

  1. From the page “Ads”, click on the button “+ Create new ad”
  2. Name the ad
  3. Add the URL you want to divert traffic to
  4. Select where you want the add to be placed in Brainville
    1. In our right column…
    2. …or in “feeds”, that is pages with listings, such as “Assignments”, “Consultants” and “Companies”.
  5. Upload an image representing your ad
  6. Select your audience
    1. Country
    2. Company size interval. Perhaps you only want to reach freelancers?
    3. Matching roles and skills – i.e. that must match the person or company seeing the ad
    4. Excluded roles and skills – i.e. that you don’t want the audience to match. For instance, perhaps you want to reach all Python developers who haven’t “TensorFlow” in their skill set.
  7. Maximum daily cost – how much are you willing to spend per day on this specific ad.
  8. Publishing period – for how long should the ad be published

What does it cost? How do you pay for your ads?

So far, we have gone for a really simple model. We have a fix price per view (approximately 1 SEK / view) and we’ll charge your credit card once per month.