23 January 2023 Statistics

Top-10 Buyers 2022

Top-10 largest buyers of freelancing and consulting services in the Nordics 2022, measured in the number of posted assignments in Brainville:

  1. Ework
  2. emagine
  3. Shaya Solutions
  4. Upgraded People
  5. AFRY
  6. KeyMan
  7. Sverek
  8. Enmanskonsulterna
  9. Tingent
  10. Danir Group (Sigma, Nexer etc)

Just outside of the top-10 are companies such as Kantur & Associates, Accuro ApS, Finitec Oy, Chas Visual Management, Castra AB, EPICO-IT. It’s a reasonably tight race from position 11 to 30.

This list is based on statistics from “Brainville Statistics” (formerly #Konsultrapporten). Download a brief overview of the #Nordic market 2022: https://www.brainville.com/Content/Reports/Brainville Statistics H2 2022.pdf

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