14 December 2022 Statistics

Your Dashboard and Beyond the Infinite

Are more interested interested in your role and your main skill rather than the entire market? We’ve made Brainville Statistics even easier to use for you, as a freelancer or a consultancy. And it’s our most current stats with a breakpoint in the previous month. To use it you have to login.

“My dashboard”, i.e. your dashboard contains three blocks:

Market rate for you role
The first presents the current market rate for your main role on your profile in Brainville. If you’re a freelancer or consultant, that’s your personal profile. Everyone elses dashboard is based on their company profile.

If we can’t match your role with our any in our statistics we simply admit that. We’ll also let you know if we don’t have enough data. You can always improve the odds of getting stats by selecting roles that Brainville suggests when you add roles to your personal or company profile – the very same roles that you can search for right here in Brainville Statistics.

Market trend for your role
The second block presents the current trend for your role, comparing the last 6 months with the 6 months before that.

Market trend for your skill
The third and last block contains the current trend for your main skill. Yet again, we only present stats in this block if we can match them to your profile’s skills. And as with roles, you improve the odds by selecting skills that can be found in Brainville Statistics.

And to wrap it up
If you think that there are roles or skills missing, do submit suggestions!

And we’re curious… would you like to select the roles and skills presented in these blocks? Perhaps you want even more blocks? Let us know!