12 December 2022 Statistics

Category mission

Ever wondered which programming language is the most popular overall or perhaps right now? Are you curious about which competence within the plethora of SAP modules is the most sought after? Or perhaps you would like to know more about patient journal systems or financial systems?

This is your chance! Our mission hopefully coincides with yours. You most likely want to know more about skills within your profession and we would like to that too… but within all professions! Our goal is to create statistics that you want. And only you know what you want!

To start off on our mission, we’ve introduced categories. If you’ve read previous issues of Konsultrapporten you’ve seen them before. Categories are simply used to make information about skills and roles more accessible, by grouping them by common features. For instance, the category “Programming language” is pretty self-explanatory. This category lists the demand for every skill within the category. This enables you to see if Java still is more in demand than .NET, and if languagues such as Dart, Rust and Julia are trending.

And of course we’re not experts in every field and profession so we can’t categorize everything by ourselves. But you are an expert and that’s why we need your help. Actually you would be helping yourself at the same time. By suggesting categories (and skills, roles etc) you help us build a hierarchy of categories that are useful to you.

Sending us suggestions is super easy. Simply login, go to a skill or role and click on any of the numerous “Suggest” links that you see. And if you’re contributing we just might award you with access to all our statistics – Premium Statistics! That means more statistics and more current statistics.