08 December 2022 Statistics

The Dawn of Competence Areas

“IT & Telecom” +1.4 %, “Management & Strategy” +1.3 % and “Technology and engineering” -2.2 %. That’s the stats for November 2022 compared to October 2022.

“Competence areas” is a new addition to Brainville Statistics, but they’re like an old friend for all of you have read Konsultrapporten. The main difference being the possibility to drill down and see a lot more data, such as regional assignment distribution and top roles and skills.

Something that may surprise some is that Brainville is industry independent. We’re a marketplace that can be used by any industry. And as you can see in our statistics there are a lot more, and reasonably large, competence areas in Brainville than just the “main three”.

So, let’s go and check it out!