05 December 2022 Statistics

My God, it’s full of stats!

Christmas has come early for all of you who love statistics. We’ve updated Brainville Statistics with a couple of new features: competence areas, categories (for both skills and roles) and your own personal stats dashboard.

The first thing you might notice when you go to Brainville Statistics today is a brand new personal dashboard filled with our most current statistics, i.e. the last 6 months, based on your personal profile (if you’re a freelancer or consultant) or your company profile.

Your dashboard

You’ll also notice two new options in the menu: Competence areas and Categories. The first one is almost like an old friend since it has appeared in all issues of Konsultrapporten. Competence areas are simply used to group roles in Brainville. For instance, developers belong to IT & Telecom and accountants to Finance & Insurance. Our competence areas are well established, but if you think we should add more areas, do let us know!

Categories come in two flavors: Role and Skill categories. And yet again, this is used to group skills or roles, but this time based on clear common features. A good example is the skill category Programming language, which groups skills like Java, C#, Python… you get the picture.

With the addition of competence areas and categories you’re now able to compare skills and roles in new ways. Categories are completely new to Brainville and we do urge you to send us your suggestions. You can do that by browsing to a role or skill and use the Suggestion-links. In other words, you decide which categories are available!

Enough talking, let’s get to the stats!

(Suggested soundtrack while getting acquainted with the new stats)