18 November 2022 Konsultrapporten Statistics

There can be only one

Download the last issue of Konsultrapporten. The last?!? Yes, as you probably have noticed by now we’re replacing it with something much better – Brainville Statistics!

What is Brainville Statistics?
It’s an extension of brainville.com that enables you to dive into our statistics – search for the rates, skills and roles that interest you.

If you can’t find your specific role och skills, use the “Suggest”-links that are littered all over Brainville Statistics. We’ll start digging and indexing straight away.

Contribute and be rewarded
We will keep track of contributors and give credit where credit is due. In upcoming sprints we will list contributions and contributors. This might be a good place to hone your personal brand as an expert. To the most active contributors we’ll hand out free subscriptions for Premium Statistics.

The last issue
We’ve published a brief market overview as a the last issue of Konsultrapporten. There’s no longer any need for a lengthy static report on the freelance and consulting industry in the Nordics – since we, with Brainville Statistics, are giving you a dynamic report instead!