15 November 2022 Konsultrapporten

Bye bye Konsultrapporten, hello Brainville Statistics!

We present Brainville Statistics – a brand new part of Brainville.com!

According to our survey almost all readers of Konsultrapporten want to dive deeper into our data. With Brainville Statistics, our visitors and users are able to both drill down and contribute.

Brainville Statistics will also be the new “home” of our, and our partners’ and other contributors’, articles about the freelance and consulting industry.

Since “Konsultrapporten” is a Swedish word, and since Brainville is a Nordic marketplace (we actually reach even a bit further than that) we thought it was high time to rename it. And why not use the simplest of names: “Statistics”.

This is a work in progress and this first step took us way longer to complete than we expected. With your help we will keep improving both the site and the content over time!