09 September 2022 Konsultrapporten

Why replying is the key

Are you working with freelancers and consultants? Are you in it for the long run? Then we really recommend you to reply to all the applications you receive when posting jobs.

Imagine someone poses a question and you reply. Now imagine that your reply is ignored. How would that make you feel? When this happens repeatedly, how will it affect your relationship with the person inquiring?

If you’re looking for long term professional relationships with freelancers and consultants, replying to their applications is key. It’s as simple as that!

Top-10 companies with “Best Reply Frequency” during the first half of 2022 are:

1 Tingent
1 Iceberry
1 Techstars of Sweden
4 Techfactory
5 NetNordic Sweden
6 Qualitysourcing
7 Avalon Innovation
8 The Stellar Collective
9 Avenit Consulting
10 Castra Group

What is reply frequency?
Reply frequency is simply how often companies posting jobs reply to applications. It’s common courtesy to reply and if you’re in it for the long run, consider always replying to applications

If you’re interested in previous achievements by these companies, for instance reply frequency or job posting quality over time, click on the links to visit their profile.

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