25 April 2022 Konsultrapporten

Konsultrapporten Q1 2022

The need for freelancers and consultants has reached new heights and we’ve now clearly seen the end of the pandemic, even if it isn’t over yet. More and more people are returning to old habits since Covid-19 is no longer considered a generally dangerous disease. In addition, we now have other more serious matters in Ukraine to think about.

Russia’s war of aggression has led to a situation we never thought was possible in our lifetime. The war has also led to changes in the consulting industry, as many Nordic companies hired freelancers and consultants from Ukraine. At the start of the war, there was a lot of news coverage about female IT consultants coming to Sweden as refugees. We want to extend a helping hand to them. We simply urge all refugees from Ukraine who may benefit from Brainville to contact us, and we will provide free access to the platform.

There are a lot of factors in the statistics in Brainville suggesting a post-pandemic effect. To name a few, the number of assignments allowing remote work has decreased for the first time since the start of the pandemic, and the trend towards more assignments in non-metropolitan areas has stagnated. We’ve also seen a slight increase in the number of available freelancers and consultants.

In this quarterly report, you’ll find mainly statistics. The editorial content has deliberately been limited to enable us to deliver as up-to-date statistics as possible. We hope you’ll enjoy this brief version of Konsultrapporten!

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