16 February 2022 Konsultrapporten

Being highly responsive – a winning concept

Freelancers and consultants prefer companies who reply to their applications. That makes perfect sense.

The best companies in the Nordics at responding, i.e. the top-10 for the award “Reply Frequency”, are:

1. Techfactory
2. Seequaly
3. Castra Group
5. Tingent
6. Envoi
7. Avalon Innovation
8. Randstad
9. Nexer Group
10. Westmere Access & Communication

Imagine that someone asks you something and you reply. To your surprise the person asking the question doesn’t even acknowledge your reply.
It’s as if you weren’t even there. That’s not OK, is it?

What is “reply frequency”?
Reply frequency is simply how often companies posting jobs reply to applications. We think it’s common courtesy to reply and that’s why we display this parameter on company profiles and assignments in Brainville. If you’re in it for thelong run, consider always replying to applications.

This list comes from Brainville’s publication Konsultrapporten.
The report is based on the 20.000 assignments that were published in Brainville the second half of 2021, and the 20.000+ companies that use the platform.