14 February 2022 Konsultrapporten

The giant that keeps growing

Ework is, and has been, the top consultant intermediary since we started writing Konsultrapporten. In the second half of 2021 they kept the trend going upwards.
The top buyers in the Nordics in the second half of 2021:

  1. Ework Group / Verama 🏆
  2. AFRY
  3. Upgraded People
  4. ProData Consult
  6. Sverek Bemanning
  7. Enmanskonsulterna
  8. Kantur & Associates
  9. KeyMan
  10. Right People Group / Onsiter

What do we mean by “Top buyers”?
Well, simply put it’s the companies with the largest number of job postings i.e., assignments in Brainville.

How do I improve my company’s position?
There’s only one way to do that – post more assignments.
You can either do this directly in Brainville or you can use our API, enabling you to publish assignments from your own system. You can do this free of charge and as always, we never take part of any deals made.

Contact us for more information: support@brainville.com

This list comes from Konsultrapporten – a report on the Nordic freelance and consulting market based on 20.000 companies and 20.000 assignments during the second half of 2021.